Kidney Stone Prevention Diet

Kidney Stone Prevention By Diet

kidney stone prevention diet

Do you know : Hydration is the best way to prevent kidney stones

At our centre we try our best to dissolve stones by diet. So encourage you to follow a strict stone preventive diet .

Diet Recommendations for Kidney Stones

General Recommendations

Drink plenty of fluid: 3-3.5 litres/day
This includes any type of fluid such as water, coffee and lemonade (shikanji) which have been shown to have a beneficial effect with the exception of grape fruit juice and soda(cold drinks).
This will help produce less concentrated urine and ensure a good urine volume of at least 2.5L/day

Limit foods with high oxalate content
Spinach, many berries, chocolate, wheat bran, nuts, beets and tea should be eliminated from your diet intake

Eat enough dietary calcium
750ml of dairy (milk) per day will help lower the risk of calcium stone formation. Eat with meals.

Avoid extra calcium supplements
Calcium supplements should be individualized by your physician and registered kidney dietitian as they can increase stone risk

Eat a moderate amount of protein
High protein intake will cause the kidneys to excrete more calcium therefore this may cause more stones to form in the kidney

Avoid high salt intake
High sodium intake increases calcium in the urine which increases the chances of developing stones
Low salt diet is also important to control blood pressure.

Avoid high doses of vitamin C supplements
It is recommend to take 60mg/day of vitamin C based on the US Dietary Reference Intake
Excess amounts of 1000mg/day or more may produce more oxalate in the body

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FAQ 1 :What is the best way to prevent kidney stones?

Hydration. Dr Abhinav recommends that recurrent stone formers drink enough fluids in a day to produce 2.5L of urine per day. This is a difficult but achievable goal However you probably need to drink more water than you already are during the day if you have previously had a kidney stone.

FAQ 2 :What changes can I make to my diet to avoid making kidney stones?

A low sodium, low non-dairy animal protein, high fruit & vegetable, and low oxalate diet is recommended to prevent the most common type of stone seen in India (calcium oxalate). A list of high oxalate containing foods can be found here:

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