Blood In Urine – Urologist Treatment in Ghaziabad

Blood in urine can be very alarming for the first time.But dont worry.

In most cases it is due to infection but sometimes it can be a sign of cancer .

Unlike others , Dr Abhinav believes in not only stopping bleeding but also finding out the root cause behind blood in urine.

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Why is it very important to consult a urologist for blood in urine ?

The most worrisome cause of hematuria is a tumour or cancer of the urinary tract. These are most
commonly found in the bladder, but kidney and prostate cancers can also cause bleeding.

Where does blood in urine come from ?

Blood can come from any part of your urinary tract, from the small tubules in the kidney, the bladder, the prostate in men, to the very end of the urinary passage (penis , urethra).

What are Some causes of blood in the urine ?

• Urinary tract infection or inflammation

Urinary stones (even if you have no symptoms)
• Injuries to the urinary tract (blunt trauma to the kidneys or urinary tract, or as subtle as a
small amount of blood escaping after vigorous exercise)
• Enlargement of the prostate, very common in men
• Radiation therapy (if you have had radiation for cancers in the pelvis)
• Cancers of the urinary tract (bladder, kidney, prostate)

What tests do I have to do?

When presenting with blood in the urine, tests are usually recommended to assess the urine, the
kidneys and the bladder.
• Urine tests include a dipstick test to look at the amount of blood and whether any clues to
inflammation of the kidney can be found.
• Urine culture will assess for an infection.
• Urine cytology tests will look for abnormal cells that are worrisome for cancer.
• An ultrasound,CT or MRI scan will usually be recommended as the best way to see the
kidneys in detail.
• Many patients will be recommended for cystoscopy, in which a small camera is passed
through the urethra into the bladder – the best way to look at the bladder lining to check
for any abnormalities.

What changes shpuld I make to my lifestyle as a preventive measure

Take plenty of fluids

Avoid these

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking

A variety of options are available for treatment of PE and it is usually curable .We have all methods available.

Lifestyle changes Medications Exercises Distraction techniques Desensitisers

We Can Help (Blood in Urine Treatment)

We offer a full range of treatment to find out the cause of hematuria. Dr Abhinav Agrawal has a vast expertise in management of these cases and can ensure you reliable and complete resolution of this problem in Ghaziabad.

Treatment Options

  • Diagnosis of cause
  • Medications -To stop the bleeding . Antibiotics may be given if you have infection
  • Cystoscopy- Examination of urethra and bladder by a very fine calibre camera may be required
  • We donot believe in unnecessary investigations and do only ethical practice which has helped Dr Abhinav a place among one of the best urologists in Ghaziabad and NCR.

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“I have been succesfuly treated for blood in urine by you . What I liked most is that u never made me feel like a patient but always as a friend”

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