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Erectile Dysfunction , Premature ejaculation , night fall ( involuntary semen loss in sleep ) and Male Infertility .
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Unlike others who only treat your problem , Dr Abhinav has a comprehensive and holistic approach & believes in finding out the root cause responsible for your problem.

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We have successfully helped 5000 men help cure their health issues.

Unlike others , Dr Abhinav believes in finding out the root cause behind your problems.

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FAQ 1 :What are common male sexual health problems

Erectile Dysfunction (impotence)

Premature ejaculation

Lack of interest (Libido)

Night Fall

Male Infertility

FAQ 2 :Can erectile dysfunction be dangerous

Latest research has shown the link between ED and cardiac disease.

FAQ 3: How common is erectile dysfunction?

Very common.

It occurs in 40 percent men over age of 40 . However it can occur at any age and can develop suddenly.

FAQ 4 :What are causes of erectile dysfunction

Causes of ED can include:
• Medications
• Diabetes or high blood pressure
• Poor penile blood flow
• Excessive alcohol intake or Smoking
• Psychological and Fatigue
Although the symptoms can be embarrassing to discuss, we encourage you to discuss with urologist as it can be cured permanently.

What do I need to know about erectile dysfunction?

If a patient is regularly having difficulty sustaining an erection, it could be a sign of heart disease, diabetes, or obesity. Because an underlying health problem could be apparent, Dr. Abhinav conducts an exam and checks is any danger signs are present.


A variety of options are available for treatment of erectile dysfunction and it is usually curable .We have all methods available.

We Can Help (ED Treatment)

We offer a full range of treatment to find out the cause of ED. Because no two people are alike, the approach to treating ED should not be a “one size fits all” treatment.

Treatment Options

  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Medications
  • Injections
  • vacuum devices
  • Penile prosthesis- we have one of the best reults of penile implant in Ghaziabad , Delhi and NCR.

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